For best results, we shape and coax
Hands that shape and coax for the desired results. A Kensington Trust professional applies the same principle.
Who We Are

Our Mission

Kensington Trust Group aims to live up to its well-known namesake in the United Kingdom with its intricate formal gardens, squares, palaces and museums. Not just in its physical features but also in our depth of knowledge and understanding of the trust and fiduciary business.

Given the collective experience of our team, we have in-depth knowledge of structures and we work with advisors in the implementation of these structures. We understand the role of proper management as a pillar in sustaining long term relationships with clients. In this context, our operating philosophy centres on our commitment, hard work and dedication rather than numbers of clients or assets under administration.

In brief, our mission will be driven by a single-minded passion – ‘Our Hands at Work’ – and the proof will be seen in how we deliver on our projects.

Our Vision

We aim to be the preferred Trust Group with expertise and knowledge in understanding and fulfilling Clients needs; We nurture a culture deriving satisfaction from growing our Business and recognizing & rewarding our Employees

Our Business Principles

We put our Clients First
We value our Employees
We enhance our Shareholders value